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 Elementai RP

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Lv. 2 Pokemon

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PostSubject: Elementai RP   Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:31 pm

In the real world, seventeen Pokemon fans across the globe accidentally step through invisible 'portals' which link the real world with the Pokemon world. The fans look for the professor of that region, who then tells them to head for Indigo Plateau.

Once there, the fans are confronted by the Kanto Police Force and are told that they were brought through because of unique genetic markers. These markers give them the power of an 'Elementai', somebody who can create Pokemon with their mind. These are different from normal Pokemon in that, while visible and tangible, they can be as powerful or as fast or as resistant as the Elementai's mind wishes them to be. Plus, these Pokemon cannot be captured by Pokeballs, even Master Balls, or have inflicted status (poisoned, paralysed, etc).

There are two downsides, though. Each Elementai can only summon Pokemon of a certain type. And the Pokemon draw strength from the Elementai, so if the human is knocked unconscious the Pokemon cease to exist until the human wakes up and summons them again.

The police give them a choice - help them defeat Team Rocket or leave. Some may leave and become Rogues , and some may stay and become Agents for the Kanto police.

To Join:

-Each person who joins this RP must specify what type of Pokemon they can project. If somebody has already specified a type you cannot claim it.
-You also should say if you're an Agent or if you're Rogue.
-This'll need at least three members before it can start.
-Fill out this:

Elementai Type-
Rogue or Agent?-
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Lv. 2 Pokemon

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PostSubject: Re: Elementai RP   Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:58 pm

I'll join

Name: Diana Dratial
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Nice, gentle,but vicious when people threaten her friends
Description: 5' 3" Long red hair, deep blue eyes, wears Nike tennis shoes, blue jeans, a blue shirt with a silver dragon on it, and a balck coat with a gold dragon on the back
Elemental Type: Dragon
Rogue or Agent?: Agent
Other: N/A
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Elementai RP
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