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 Spirits of the Heart: Demensional Wars

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PostSubject: Spirits of the Heart: Demensional Wars   Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:39 pm

Note the sub title, this is the sequel to a fanfic I am writing.

Long age, the Demenions were at war with each other. All worlds were involved, from Kingdom Hearts to Pokemon and all those in between. All fighting for an item called "Ring of Light." The Ring of Light was sealed away many years ago to pervent any power hungary leaders from taking it and using it's power for evil. 30 years into the future, something happened. The Light Seal was broken, now leaders and soidlers of all worlds are now in yet another war to control the Ring of Light. The Ring of Light's power is equal to it's Creater in power. It's creater was Arceus, The Orignal One. Many warriors were sent into battle over the Ring of Light, but the power of one warrior's Keyblade. re-sealed the Ring of Light. The Light Seal was replaced by the Key Seal, which was placed by the warrior who sealed it away, the Keyblade Master, Sora. 10 years later, the Darkness rose from the depths of every heart and by force broke the Key Seal and stole the Ring of Light, turning it into the Ring of Darkness. From every world, warriors once rose up to fight the Darkness. Warriors that wielded different weapons, swords, lances, Magic, and even Keyblades. Some were Pokemon Trainers that fought with vigor to protect their world. From many worlds they came to fight the Darkness and retrieve the Ring and live in peace. Join the quest and become a Hero of you world!

No overpowering without permission
No killing unless I am PMed that it is okay
You can have 4 characters
Swear mildly
and nothing R-rated (R meaning adult stuff)
basic Rp rules
You can use Fakemon

Sign-up Sheet

Bio: (optional)
Weapons : (Up to 5 weapons per character) If they are keyblades or Zanpakto, please give their names and elements. This for others not Pokemon Trainers.)
Team: (For Pokemon trainers).
Other: (like crushes, hobbies, etc.)
If you are from Kingdom Hearts, please say what world in Kingdom Hearts you are from.
Ex: Kingdom Hearts - City That Never Was or Agrabah. You can even make up a world if you want.

Here are my characters:

Name: Raze Talonhale
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Position: Leader
Bio: Raze is the new leader of her world, she previous leader was killed during the War. She is a good leader despite that she is only 16. She strives for peace in the worlds. She is skilled at wielding many weapons, but her favorite is her Keyblades. She also uses magic sometimes.
Appearence: 5' 5" tall Long blue hair, piercing yellow eyes, tan leather vest with a white shirt with a black dragon on it, with blue jeans. Often wearing avaitor goggles on her head and wearing them in battle. She also wears black leather old western (cowboy/cowgirl) style boots.
Weapons: Keyblades
Frozen Wrath - Ice
Bloody Rain - Crimson (a form of Light)
Burning Pride - Fire
Thundering Cry - Lightning
Tsunami Striker - Water
Personality: Sweet and Shy, but vicious and blood thirsty in battle. Protects friends from being hurt.
Other: N/A
Demension: Kingdom Hearts - Terra Del La Draco Ridisa, translation: Land of the Dragon Riders

Name: Tsuki Raitei
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Position: Head General of the Army
Bio: Tsuki is the head of his world's army and a darn good one, too. He is the best tactician in the army. He tends to act as if the battle was a game. Sometimes people question it, but they always win their battles. He is one smart and powerful allie to have.
Appearnce: 5' 6" tall Short black hair, shining blue eyes, wears a long red coat with a formal black shirt, and glasses and black pants and black shoes and a silver tie
Weapons: twin swords and a bow and arrow as well as some Light magic and Fire magic
Personality: Level-headed, calm and collected. Willing to give his life for his friends family and world
Other: N/A
Demension: Tsubasa the Reservoir Chronicle

Name: Ruka Senshi
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Position: Other - Soul Reaper
Bio: Ruka is one of the strongest Soul Reapers out there. She is in Squad 10, under the command of Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya and Assiassant Captain Rangiku Matsumoto. She is a master of Kido. She swift on her feet and her Shunpo, or Flash Step, can take her over 200 feet.
She, and all Soul Reapers, use swords called Zanpakto.
Appearence: 5' 4" tall shoulder length blonde hair, with sharp emerald green eyes, wearing black shirt with a silver star pattern and black jeans with a similar star pattern and silver heels. (don't ask how she can run in heels.)
Weapons: Zanpakto -
Raineko (Thunder Cat) - Lighting
Ginryu (Silver Dragon) - Water
Nidoryu (Twin Dragon) - Fire and Ice
Soraryu (Sky Dragon) - Wind
Personality: Stubborn and clever, but friendly and nice
Other: She has a crush on Captain Hitsugaya
Demension: Soul Society - World of Bleach

Name: Nyl Felidae (first name pronouced Nile)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Position: Other - Pokemon Trainer
Bio: Nyl is from Johto. Her home town is Blackthorn City. Her starter is a female Dragonair named Weathervein. Her grandfather is one of the Elders of the Dragon Shrine in the Dragon's Den. She carries a dagger in case her pokemon cannot help. She is quick and fast on the ground, her Pokemon, just as fast. Her best friend is the gym leader of the Blackthorn City Gym, Clair. She is the trainer that Lugia and Ho-oh chose, as well as the legendary beasts, Entei just doesn't battle much, but is at a very high level.
Appearence: 5' 3" tall, long red hair with a silver ribbon tied in it, rosy pink eyes, all seen wearing black gloves, a red shirt with a gold tiger on it, black jeans, black shoes.
Weapon: a dagger
Weathervein - Dragonair - Lv. 85
DracoSoul - Drakeon - Lv. 77
GinHaitei - Lugia - Lv. 80
KakhiSora - Ho-oh - Lv. 79
AuroraSora - Suicune - Lv. 81
Raimei - Raikou - Lv. 82
Personality: Nice and kind, protective of her friends and Pokemon
Demension: World of Pokemon - Johto
Other: N/A
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Spirits of the Heart: Demensional Wars
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